Friday, June 23, 2017

Sandpaper Shoes

Note:Just thought I would share this. I wrote it when I first moved to St Augustine and it is based on    a true story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
              Sandpaper Shoes                                                March 7, 2012 

 Did you know; that sandpaper is actually MADE out of sand?
Did you know; that if you walk 5 miles on the beach, barefoot, that by mile no. 2.89 it FEELS as if you were walking in shoes made out of sandpaper?
Did you know; that walking in sandpaper shoes will give you blisters on your feet the size of Texas?
Did you know; that walking in sandpaper shoes while curling your toes so that the balls of your feet DON'T touch your sandpaper shoes doesn't really help?
Did you know; that If you park your truck down the beach, ride your bike 5 miles home and then walk back along the beach in your sandpaper shoes you have to make it ALL THE WAY back to your truck or lie starving on the beach until your sandpaper shoes are ripped away by the incoming tide?
Did you know; that a double cheeseburger, super-size fry, and a diet coke make it ALL better?
Did you know; that the cheeseburger and fries COMPLETELY defeats the whole concept of walking 5 miles in your sandpaper shoes?

Did you know; that I have had moments of shear brilliance in my life, so bright that I thought to myself, "YOU, Kristine are a Goddamn genius?”

                     Did you know; this is NOT one of those moments?

                       To all my friends.  From a girl...and her sandpaper shoes.

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