Friday, December 9, 2016

Thus Far: the Killarney Crew Part IV

Original date 5/31/12

The Kilarney Crew; 
Sunday was one of those days I will look back on for the rest of my life. I would later refer to it thusly: That day it was as if some giant hand was putting together a puzzle, and as each member of the Crew came into play another piece of the puzzle was put into place. It was Ian and Sam who I met as I stepped back into Neptune’s that evening, where Ian suggested that later we should go for a pint, Sam agreed and the puzzle pieces began being placed. Over the next hour or so I met Lauren and Kellie two girls from Missouri and who in my mind were the salt of the earth; two more pieces of the puzzle in place. Then I met Ben. Ben was from Australia; we made an instant connection and Ben became what I would have to say was my best “mate” while I was in Kilarney. Sarah from Texas with her innocent smile was next to be placed and, last but not least, Hannah was added to the mix and with that the universe made an audible “click.” The “Perfect Storm,” as Ben would call it, had been created. Ben nicknamed me “mum,” as I was the oldest of the Crew, the rest of the kids soon followed suit and together we headed for the pub not knowing that night at the “Grand” in Kilarney would be one of a kind. A night that could never be duplicated, nor would any of us want too. 

Breakfast Club that morning was quite loud and a great deal of fun but unfortunately most had to leave that day. They filtered out one by one with hugs and handshakes and wishes for safe travels. And although over the next day or so Ben and I met new friends it wasn't quite the same. He and I slowly said goodbye to them all until he and I were the last two remaining. Ben eventually had to leave on the bus Tuesday morning. We gave each other a hug and a smile and said goodbye knowing that the universe had pulled us all together. 
The puzzle had been but for one day, but the perfect storm would stay with each of us forever. 
Me and Ben

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