Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gleann Dá Loch

There was a discussion recently where-in certain areas of the United States were being compared to Glendalough. It was said that Glendalough was "much like many place you might find in the States." I would have to gently disagree. There is no place on this planet like Glendalough. It has a spirit, a serenity, and a grace all its own. It is as if the aura of the earth abides here. There is an old adage, "you get what you give" and nowhere on this earth is that more true than in The Valley of the Two Lakes. If you can, give to her your time, give to her your patience, your inner grace and she will return it to you ten fold. In just the air alone one can find a peacefulness unlike any other.
As I was perched alone atop the summit yesterday, the wind itself seemed to open up and speak to me. It paused in its battering of the hillside, but briefly. The grass, the trees, the clouds as one, were still and un-moving.
But then, from across the towering peak, I heard, and then felt, its presence. The wind ran howling down the mountain bog. It danced along the short, wheat like grass, bending it to its will. Picking up speed, it peeled across the mountainside and up into the giant Conifers. The trees bent and swayed in perfect synchronicity. The clouds raced across the sky. It was if the heavens themselves opened up the wind-gates and the breeze escaped, bound for the mighty earth below. I say, Glendalough is like no other. And if you are ever lucky enough to sit quietly in her embrace remember; her generosity is unending, if you just take the time to open yourself up to her. She will never ask more of you than you are willing to give. For on the hills Glendalough it is enough to just simply...exist.

             She is elegant, she is graceful, she is generous of word and kind of heart.
                                                     She is...Glendalough.

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