Monday, May 14, 2012

Testing,testing, and in the Begining...

Testing, testing, is anybody out there (Banging on mic)? Hey dude is this thing on? Okay. And a one and a two…huh? I’m not in a band? No? Okay has any one seen my balls? Yeah, you know my balls. The ones I juggle with. Oh I’m not a juggler? Huh? I’m a writer? Say something intelligent? And inspirational? So, with a wink and a smile I say to you; that is exactly what the process of writing is. It is testing the waters. Banging on your own brain until something spills out. Trying at some point to put on paper something worthwhile, or funny, or deep. “Writers… write.”  It is something that for me has often fallen by the way side. But, it is also something ultimately that I cannot ignore. The need to write poured out of me when I was twelve or so. I wanted to wax poetic and say something about the world, but at that point, what the hell did I know? Most of the things I wrote back then and over the years have been lost along the way, as was my desire, my drive and the need to write. That desire got lost along a path of mundaness that most of us call life. But, that drive to say something worthwhile, to entertain, to write something interesting, intelligent, or poetic, was always there. And I now have the courage to share those thoughts and feelings with an audience. I wrote to a friend not too long ago that it was time. It was time to begin to share with others what I have for so long held inside my own self. To share my humor, my sparkling wit and charm (if I had any charm or sparkling wit) and my perception of the world, of  how we are all connected, and of the depth of my love for all things beautiful. And I wrote that one day just maybe I could put on paper something that moved someone or inspired them. That they would read those words upon that page and think, “wow that was deep.” But, then again, maybe they will read it and think, “dude, what a load of crap.” This last comment was supposed to be self-deprecating. Either way… it is my time. I will, at least for now, attempt to put my pen to paper in the same way a painter puts his brush to the canvas. Or the way a musician puts his fingers to his guitar. I find it interesting, and comforting, to know that we all have the ability to express how we feel about our connection to…things. When we venture out into the realm of artistry we hope to play, or paint, or write something funny or beautiful, or inspiring. And in doing what we are driven to do we as humans, as artists, open up our hearts and souls to friends, family, and complete strangers while trying to relate our thoughts and inner ideas to them about how we perceive our surroundings; how we express our connection to the world, and our connection to the people that we touch, with strokes, music, or words. Then again, quite possibly, I may just end up with a big pile of crap. I guess only time will tell. Psst…hey dude, is this thing on?

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