Monday, April 20, 2015

Hill Walker: The Quintessential Guide to Ireland

 Trust. In any relationship trust is one of the most important attributes. Therefore, I understand that by purchasing this book you are putting your trust in me. You are putting your dream of visiting Ireland in my hands. That is a lot of faith to put in someone you have never met. I want to assure you that your trust is not taken lightly. I look forward to sharing my deep love and knowledge of Ireland with each and everyone of you. I have traveled across 'The Bog' on three different occasions, for several months at a time, and am currently planing another 2 months in Ireland in 2016. I have hiked, strolled, bused, hitchhiked, tipped a few pints, and sang my way all across Ireland. I will not let you down. The places I have chosen to send you are the quintessential towns and villages to visit. If you follow my advice, and your adventure takes you to these thoughtfully selected destinations, you are sure to experience all the finest things Ireland has to offer.

Now, why do I want to write this book? That is the simplest thing in the world to answer. To help folks who used to be just like me, find there way across Ireland: with out a million maps, statistics and pages of useless information. I can help you. I can cut the crap and get down to the nitty gritty. Most of you only have so much time and reading an encyclopedia isn't exactly how I want you to spend your time while criss-crossing the countryside. So here's the deal, if you have never been to Ireland, are on a limited budget, and have a limited amount of time, THIS is the book for you. (and even if you have more time and money this still can be a great the book for you). Each time I have traveled to Ireland I did it on less than 50 American dollars a day (not including air fare). No, I'm not going give you 18 choices for where to eat or which fancy hotels to stay in. But, I can tell you where the grocery store is, what the best hostel is, where the locals go to listen to music, what amazing sights to be sure to see, and how to walk, bus or hitch a ride, to pretty much any where you want to go. The best advice I can give you about needing or wanting tons of information without boring you to tears or putting you sound asleep is, read this relate-able guide and then upon arrival at your destination don't hesitate ask the owner of the hostel, a local that you met at the pub, or the dude at the shop you are in for advice. The locals are the best source of information, hands down.

In the beginning. The original idea to write a very concise, to the point book about just a few of the top, must see places came to me as I was sitting in a hostel about an hour south of Dublin. I was tucked away at a hostel which sits at the entrance to the Wicklow National Park in the stunning and regal Glendalough Valley. I was chilling in the bright and airy sitting room, when I overheard two fellow travelers having a rather lively discussion on where to travel to next. The book they were referencing was huge and more of a hindrance than a helpful guide. I mean who wants to drag a travel guide the size of War and Peace across the countryside? Not to mention, if you are back packing, hiking or busing it, that crap gets heavy quick and will certainly be the first thing you chuck into the trash when you are tired or feeling travel weary. Anyway, I digress. I asked if I could join them, let them know that I was currently on my third trip to Ireland, and asked if they would like some knowledgeable advice. They were thrilled to say the least. A short time later they had made their notes and were heading out the door with happy little smiles on their glowing little faces, their heads filled with excitement and knowledge. They finally knew full well exactly where to go and what to do with their limited time remaining. I felt elated to be able to pass on my love and knowledge of Ireland. I am equally as excited to share this deep seated love and wisdom with you.

So, most of you will have a limited amount of time for this journey, as many of the people I met on my travels had. My advice to you, if you have an extended amount of time is, instead of trying to fit in gobs of places; relax, enjoy each town and explore it in deeper detail instead of rushing off to the next town for a half a day or a day. Each area of Ireland is filled with wondrous things: mountains, the sea, lakes, music, hikes, and the rich history of the people of Ireland. Don't be in a rush to fill your days with how many towns you can see, but how much you can learn about and how much you can explore and absorb about each and every village.

And so I write. What you will find in this book a very personal look at my favorite towns. You will find stories and photos of my adventures and an in depth look at each town, why you should go there, where to stay and what to do and all on 50 bucks a day.

So book your flight, pack up your rucksack, and together lets go explore one of the most magnificent places on earth.

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